Generation Z Similarities

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Similarities and Differences Among Us
The technology was something that was built to help with the progress of the civilization and help people find better and faster resources. Generation Z, who were born between 1994 and 2010, and tend to use most of the technological resources, have a different set of beliefs and values than the previous Generation X or our parents because we have not entered the workplace yet. Generation Y are the people who were born between 1978 and 1990. Generation Z is so much more advanced but tends to misuse the technology and it shows how the United States is educationally regressing in competition with other countries. It should be the other way around, where the United States is rising in the educational field because we have the resources that are much more advanced than some countries.Even though the technology was built to help progress in a civilization; Generation Z and Generation Y use it to actually regress in the civilization and some of the reasons could be how generation X contributed to the negative characteristics found in the Millennial Generation

There have been many negative characteristics associated with Millennials and the Generation Z. Some of them are that is hard for us to talk without technology, we come off as entitled, we have uncertain goals and the list goes on. While talking about negative characteristics, there has been some positive feedback on how the Generation Z perceives the

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