Genetic Analysis : The Field Of Genetics

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At the foundation of all living things, there is a specific code that serves to create each and every cell, tissue, organ, and organ system within an organism. Also known as an organism’s genes, it determines everything about a living creature, from its appearance to the way its body functions or malfunctions. The field of genetics is the study of heredity and the different variations of those genes, which is inherited by each offspring from its parents. A closely related field of study called genomics focuses on structure, purpose, and evolution of all of the genes of an entire person or species and how those genes are effected by an organism’s environment.
Currently, genetic mapping and testing has many helpful uses. Prenatally a fetus …show more content…

A family can be given the option to abort a pregnancy with a positive result for a genetic disorder, or be discouraged from having more children or any children based on their genomes. Many would argue that this inappropriately interferes with the “natural course of things”, or to some, “God’s Creation”. Another taboo issue attached to the topic of genetic research is cloning, and the implications of having two exactly identical entities in existence at the same time, and what their uses could be. Genetics and genomics are also used in vaccinations and immunizations, as well as biotechnical mass production exogenous human hormones. Bacteria can be loaded with the gene to create human insulin, and they will perform that function tirelessly, like a mill. Doctors have proposed loading a virus with a gene of choice and injecting it into a human being to take advantage of the mechanism of the virus and change someone’s DNA. There are some that would argue that these discoveries warrant complete eradication of certain diseases, due to the ability to do so. Ones that definitively harm the body, such as Ebola, drug-resistant strains of staph and strep, and E. Coli are investigated using genetic information from those microorganisms. On the other hand, with the early detection of intellectual disability and mental retardation, diseases such as down syndrome could be eradicated as well. While this science is

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