The Human Of Germ Line Engineering

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As time goes on, progress is inevitable. Technology improves, and subsequently, as does quality of life. In the past century, the human race has made countless advances in medicine, many of which significantly prolong our life spans. Some of these advances may have even been challenged in their time, but the results have benefitted us for generations, and those to come. Nowadays, we couldn’t imagine a life without vaccinations, surgeries, and even targeted cancer therapies. Where we go from here is up to us. In human germ-line engineering lays the opportunity to end much of the worlds suffering. The United States should not prohibit human germ-line engineering, but instead allow it under strict regulations and close supervision to maintain optimal safety for future generations and the future of humanity. Those that oppose human germ-line engineering may argue that in changing the genes of future children, the potential for mistakes is present. “Designer babies” could be born with some sort of defect as an unforeseen result of the engineering, which can then be passed on to the next generation. However, it is important to realize that with every decision come risks and room for mistakes. The idea is that the potential benefits outweigh the possible poor results. In an article for Business Insider, Ellie Kincaid states, “With a couple tweaks to the genome, certain diseases, even ones that aren 't genetic (like HIV), could become a thing of the past.” Over seventy-eight

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