Genetic Counseling : A New Field Emerging From An Intersection Between Genetics, Medicine, And Psychology

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Genetic counseling is a new field emerging from an intersection between genetics, medicine, and psychology. As with most counseling, genetic counseling is a process of communication intended to help individuals and their families. However, for genetic counselors, they must also be able to comprehend medical information, including the management for various disorders. These individuals must also have an in-depth understanding of how heredity contributes to the risk and occurrence of disorders. They must be able to help individuals choose and follow the most appropriate course of actions based on their risk and occurrence. Specifically, genetic counseling works with human problems associated with the risk of occurrence of a disorder in a family. At this point, despite its emphasis on psychological principles, genetic counseling is most often done by medical geneticists or genetic counselors. Medical geneticists are physicians who have specialized in genetic disorders. Genetic counselors have academic backgrounds in genetics but also have training in counseling practices. It is also enviable that psychologists will become more involved in the process of genetic counseling. Roles for psychologists have been laid out as providing direct counseling services to clients, counseling with teams of counselors, helping train genetic counselors in psychological methodology and researching all aspects of psychology present in genetic counseling. It is misleading to address every genetic

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