Genetic Differences Affecting Our Children

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Should we be able to genetically modify our kids? Yes, there are many benefits to reap from modifying our children from simple preferences or life changing differences. By modifying your kids you can just change their eye or hair color or prevent early diseases being passed down to your child. Having the power to prevent diseases to even grow means that in the future death related to disease rates will go down.

Laura Rogan, a women that had her first baby die in her utero, after some testing it was revealed that she had a microdeletion that carried the tar syndrome and it was the reason for her child’s death. The doctors told Laura that she could have a healthy baby thanks to preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD for short, PGD allowed for the doctors to to select the embryos that don’t contain the microdeletion that Laura had and allowed for a healthy baby. PGD can be used to solve many different birth defects or disease that are passed down such as breast cancer.

Not only does PGD help cure some disease but has other uses such as giving your child a different eye color. The parents get to “Create their own kids” in a way as PGD allows the parents to choose their child’s sex such as male or female. As a parent you can now make your dream kid or their looks as if you wanted a boy you can make your …show more content…

It can make children faster, stronger, smarter, healthy and over all better. PGD can change the future by making children better than before and decreases the death rate due to disease, if we can solve problems before the exist why wait until they appear? It’s like taking a vaccine that makes you immune to diseases but this one is before birth. PGD was made to help some theses kinds of issues and not using it would just be a

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