Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Food

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Genetic engineering is a technique which uses biotechnology to change an organism 's genome. Currently, this technology has been used in an abundance of fields, for example medical science, agriculture and industry. Furthermore, numerous countries have never stopped the research on genetic engineering because they think the technology of gene will become the main competitiveness in the future. As a result for the rapid development of genetic engineering. With the development of this technology, some scientists consider a number of dangerous possibilities which could be brought for human by genetic engineering. It has adverse effects on several aspects, for instance social ethics problems and Ecological ethics problems. Although this…show more content…
It is the first success story for the cloned mammal. If genetic engineering cannot be banned or limited, humans will be cloned in the future. Human Cloning is a dangerous research which is unethical. Since ancient times, humans procreate through sexual reproduction, however human cloning is produced in a laboratory by individuals. For Christians, human cloning means the betrayal of God, it should not be accepted. Several scientists believe that is an effective technology in medical science. First it is a good technology for a handful of people who are sterile, it can give them a chance to get themselves child. Another benefit is that is a good way to cultivate new organs. In contemporary hospital, doctors can perform transplant for almost all organs and tissues. But this has a considerable problem is rejection. The reason is the gene of organs and tissues are not same as the sick who need an intact organ. If doctors use organs and tissues from the cloning human who is cloned by the patient, rejection will not happen, because this cloning human and the patient have the identical gene. Whereas, if human cloning becomes a reality, it perhaps will become a gene product which will be traded arbitrarily. Almost all of human cloning will be killed like animals, because they need provide organs and tissues for humans. And this signify humankind will fall into war. Because nobody can distinguish the different between humans and human cloning. If an individual is
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