Genetically Modified Food And Drug Administration

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A Fishy Modification The method by which food finds its way to our local grocer could soon change. For the first time, the Unites States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the approval and release of genetically-modified (GM) salmon into the American marketplace (Big Fish). Salmon, of course, is just the brink of the biological possibilities. The possibility of the introduction of any GM foods is monumental. Man’s ability to increase the food supply guarantees major benefits; nevertheless, modifying the earth’s natural source of energy also promises detrimental consequences. What is Genetically-Modified Food (GM)? Genetically-modified foods (GM) describes crops (and most recently, animals) that have been enhanced by the…show more content…
The process is used to yield foods with an exact desired trait “very rapidly and with great accuracy.” (GM Foods Harmful or Helpful). The Benefits of GM Food At first glance, the possibility an enhanced food supply promises many possibilities. Generally, GM foods are thought to be the solution the world hunger crisis. Today, the world’s total population exceeds six billion humans and continues to grow (Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?). In fact, the world population is predicted to double in the next 50 years. (Genetically Modified Foods). Meeting this need will prove to be a huge challenge, but research proves that GM food can ensure a food production schedule of 17% more food than necessary for each human daily (Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods). However, controlling hunger is not the only benefit of GM foods. Other benefits include: Pest resistance & Herbicide Tolerance “Growing GM foods…can help eliminate the application of chemical pesticides and reduce the cost of bringing a crop to market.” (Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?) Every year, farmers lose crops as a result of insects and other pests. These loses require farmers to utilize pesticides when growing crops to ensure production. There have been more and more health risks discovered from the consumption of foods treated with these chemicals.
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