Genetically Modified Food Supply Essays

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The failure of an arithmetically proliferating food supply to meet the demands of an exponentially propagating population has led many scientists and civilians to believe that a genetically modified food supply would be more than ideal. While genetically modified foods have proven to yield more food under cheaper costs, it has also yielded many problems. Concerned researchers believe that a “Pandora’s lunchbox” has been opened at the dawn of genetic modification technology. (PBS, par 33) Since genetically modified foods are foreign substances to the consumer’s body, the physical response to such foods are generally negative. Moreover, the temptation of an increased profit from a cheap rate of production for genetically modified foods has …show more content…

(Newton, par 68) This triggered unheralded allergic reactions, endangering the lives of many uninformed soy bean consumers who had severe nut allergies. What is even more terrifying is that genetically modified foods can cause more than allergy conflicts; they can impair body systems, induce cancer and ultimately, cause death. Many vegetables such as potatoes which are genetically modified have natural toxins which are produced upon trigger. Generally, the toxin levels are not sufficient to cause harm to humans who consume them but when such plants are genetically modified, the inserted genes could act as toxin inducers or triggers and poison consumers. The severe consequences of this would be paralysis, permanent damage and sometimes, death. (Newton, par 73) The countless various genes inserted in foods in genetic modification of foods put consumers’ health at risk and the consequences, unclear as well. Not only do these monstrous mutations in food affect people, but it also affects the environment. Many livestock have been abused and mistreated in the creation of these monstrous foods. In the cattle breeding industry, scientists are constantly experiment to acquire the perfect breed of transgenic cattle. With such low chances of survival, the poor transgenic cattle are being set up for an early, painful death

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