Genetically Modified Foods Debate

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Many consumers do not wish to eat food that has been dosed with pesticides because of the possibility of health hazards. However, genetically modified foods are quite capable of helping eliminating the utilization of harmful chemical pesticides. Due to this, many farmers choose and prefer to plant biotech produce because of this benefit. In recent news, Sudan decided to take part in planting a type of these crops, Bt cotton. The production of Bt cotton has led to a decrease in the amount of insecticides used by 50%, reducing the risk of exposure to these chemicals. In China, the use of Bt cotton has led to a reduction of 78,000 tons of pesticide which covers about a quarter of what China has sprayed. (ISAAA, Furthermore, the uses of these types of biotech crops allow a reduction of risks associated with agricultural waste run-offs. GMOs in these countries show how they are beneficial especially for preventing environmental and human contact damage. As the population on the world continues to increase rapidly, soon farmers will need to find a way to grow crops in unsuited areas. This is where GMOs come in. A company, Dupont Pioneer, released eight versions of its customarily bred Aquamax corn and found that it boosts yields up by 7% in drought conditions compared to regular grown corn. Additionally, interbreeding the genetically modified food such as the Aquamax corn with ordinary corn can
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