Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo ) Essay

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Genetically Modified Organisms The genetically modified organisms (GMO) correspond to plants, animals as well as microorganisms whose DNA has been altered. They are also known as transgenic, genetically manipulated, or engineered organisms. The intentional incorporation or deletion of their genes is intended to introduce or modify some of its characteristics. Although this has been seen as a great advantage by many scientists and supporters of this technology, transgenic organisms suppose a danger that has not been conceived at all and that may affect the world in an unrepairable and decontrolled way. There has been always the need to improve organisms to obtain desirable features and characteristics, for instance, humans have selected the best plants and have collected their seeds developing much better individuals. This process has occurred in agriculture and similarly with animals, which have been crossed between the best specimens to improve their breeds. The selection of organisms to create offspring that were larger, hardier, more resistant and productive than their predecessors took many centuries and it has just taken some years to modified their genetic code to create new varieties. The creation of genetically modified organisms seems to be a good thing. Its supporters believe that GMOs will not only make money for the companies that sell them, such as those that sell GM cotton, corn, soybean seed, but will help people in poor countries become healthier.
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