Genocide And The Holocaust

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Genocide is one of the most tragic events that can happen around the world. Identifying the stages is the most crucial part of stopping these horrible acts. The Bosnian Genocide and the Holocaust could have been prevented or stopped if the 8 stages were properly identified . There are 8 stages of genocide and the first stage is Classification. Classification is putting people into groups based on race, ethnicity, and religion. These groups usually are separated into the superior people and the inferior people. In the holocaust the Nazis targeted minorities, more specifically the Jewish people. The Jews were seen as the inferior race and they needed to be eliminated according to the nazis. The second stage of genocide is symbolization. …show more content…

This stage of genocide is called polarization. Polarization is where they separate the population. The SS and Nazis used propaganda to convince the german population the the Jewish people were the root of all evil. They used posters and videos to make this happen. Poster depicted Jews as being ape-like with large noses and a slanted forehead. The most prevalent example of this is the Hitler Youth, they were brainwashed using propaganda so they would believe that everything Hitler said was morally right. The people that rebelled and did not believe the propaganda were eliminated. The next stage of genocide and the first step of the systematic killing is preparation. Preparation is when the target group is put together and combined to make it easier for extermination. In the Bosnian Genocide men and women were moved to concentration camps where they would be held until they were killed. The Serbs overthrew the law enforcement and roamed the streets rounding up Bosniaks, making sure none got away. They executed anyone that was thought to be strong enough to rebel instantly. The most gruesome stage of Genocide is Extermination. Extermination is the killing of the targeted group. They use the word extermination because they do not view the victims as humans and they are making them feel like rats or insects by using this term. In the Holocaust they had many ways of killing the Jews, the SS and Nazis used, starvation, exhaustion, mobile shooting squads, and gas

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