Genocide Route Research Paper

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The genocide route vs The Pacifist Route

Long ago, two races ruled over the earth, Humans, and Monsters. One day war broke out between the two races, the humans were victorious, the monsters were sealed into the underground by the humans with powerful magic spells below Mt. Ebott. In the game Undertale, you are playing as a small child named ‘Frisk’ and is trying to get through the underground in two ways by killing all the monsters or Sparing all the monsters and bringing them to the surface. Undertale is a game with three ways to finish the game one by sparing all of the monsters two by killing only the main bosses and three by killing all of the monsters in the underground. The main bosses are Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, Mettaton, Sans, …show more content…

The genocide route is better.

Meanwhile, in the Genocide route, The genocide route is better because of how the story changes drastically from nice and cheerful to silent and sad. I think the genocide route is a lot better than the other routes just because of the fact that there is a lot more story and lore to the game in this route.

Second reason

In the Genocide route thing change in a way that even you the player gives you chills. When you start the genocide route in the ruins you go to this area with a “Save Point” when you click on the save point it states “Playfully crinkling in the leaves fills you with determination” that means that you didn’t kill any monsters in that area. Those kinds of areas are the main places you have to kill the monsters. You have to walk around the area until there are no more encounters and then you go to the save point and it states “Determination”. After you save the game you keep progressing but you get this mysterious encounter that makes most players think that they didn’t kill all of the monsters but instead of a fight the music grows silent and the text box quotes “but nobody

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