Genocide: The Role Of The Tutsi Minority Groups In Rwanda

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Ever since, Rwanda has been a small country in central Africa located at the center of DRC, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. According to its early history, it’s been in German east African colonized countries but was later on taken over by Belgium. They have been colonized until they received their independence on 1962.There were different ethnic groups in Rwanda but most of them are mainly sub-tribes of either Hutu or Tutsi populations. Approximately 85% of the population in Rwanda were Hutus and almost the rest were Tutsis. As things were regularly happening in the country, the Belgium started to lean on and favor more for the Tutsi minority over the majority who were Hutus. Therefore, as I would argue, the arrival and the act of Belgium supporting Tutsis over Hutus was the start of the abhorrence between the two ethnic groups and the reason behind the genocide that occurred in the country in 1994.
In mid-1950’s, the Belgium who were at that time colonizing the country started to favor Tutsis (the minority at that time) over the majority which were Hutus. That led and made the Hutus to start revolution in late 1950’s and made many Tutsis exile and forced them to abscond from the country.
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Supporting the minority made the majority feel underrated and rise their aggression until they received the position and the glory they wanted. Similarly, when the minority was sent into exile, they at the same time wanted to receive the honor and the spot they had in their homeland. Therefore, if Belgium cared about the country it has been colonizing for decades, why didn’t it cease what was happening and made the two groups negotiate? If anyone would be blamed for the genocide and the endless massacre that occurred in Rwanda, the “Belgium” would the right
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