Essay on Genocide in Germany

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Genocide in Germany

Beginning in the early 1930's, officials in Germany saw that they could put the blame of their troubles onto the Jews. After the First World War, the German public was extremely angry with the government officials, especially because of the aftermath of the war. The German economy tumbled to a point that children could use blocks of German Marks as building blocks, French from right across the border could get pastries and other goods in Germany for less than an eighth the price of the same goods in France. Added onto that was the fact that Germany owed many war debts to the Allies. Adolf Hitler, a man who fought in World War I, saw that he could use this hatred to his …show more content…

Due to America's own depression, many American's felt resentment toward the Jews also. The papers only talked about oppression towards Jews and the beatings, something that was occurring in the U.S. in smaller numbers than in Germany. The information given to the American public wasn't enough to make them care too much, and due to their own problems Americans didn't feel the need to go looking for information that might have been readily available.

Many Americans, because of the depression during the early 1930's, had long hated the Jews. In America during the depression, like Germany, many people saw Jews as a people who succeeded in anything and for that they hated them. Jews have been known throughout history as great businessmen. When Americans read that Jews were kicked out of their businesses in Germany, Americans secretly enjoyed hearing news like this; it meant that not only was the depression hurting them, but also Jews who were known for their success during the depression were now in the same boat as the rest of the country. A 1933 London Times article reputed "In a public appeal dated Nuremberg, April 7, a group of Nazi physicians and lawyers in Bavaria favored the complete elimination of Jews from all the liberal professions."[2] When one is feeling down about their life, nothing

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