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When faced with a difficult situation or decision, it is often easier to break the situation down into parts and attack each part individually in order to develop the best solution. One such method in business research is the management-research question hierarchy. This hierarchy allows a researcher to move “through various levels of questions, each with a specific function within the overall business research process” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 108). As Christian business leaders and researchers, it is essential for us to maintain integrity in the work that we perform. As Proverbs 10:9 (English Standard Version) states, “whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” Utilizing…show more content…
Previous attempts at gaining new advertising from shoe manufacturers have been met with the belief that men’s clothing stores are not a large enough portion of their business for the manufacturers to benefit from paying for advertising in magazines targeted at those stores. As the primary objective of advertising is convincing consumers to purchase specific brands or products, a producer is not likely to spend money on advertising to a market they believe they cannot profit from (Huang, Leng, & Liang, 2012).
Management Question In order to manage the concerns of their potential advertisers, the magazine’s management team must find ways to convince shoe manufacturers that they can benefit from advertising in the magazine. The research must aim to determine whether or not men’s clothing stores are a viable market for the shoe manufacturers. Secondarily, the research may assist shoe manufacturers in adapting to meet the demands of the men’s clothing store market.
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Management Question: How can management lower printing costs to increase advertising and profit?
Research Question(s): What steps should management take in reducing printing costs? Should they outsource some advertising and complete some in-house? What other incentives of the newspaper can increase advertisement and profit?
In regards to advertising in order for companies and businesses to prosper, they need advertisement to reach a large number of people. The retail advertising manager at this newspaper could also look into online marketing and advertising, which would be cheaper and possibly reach more people. “Advertising in the online social networking environment should be an attractive proposition for marketers” (Voloaca, Bratu, Georgescu, Ghencea, & Voicu, 2011).
The Chief of Police in a Major City
Management Dilemma: The Chief of Police has been concerned with the growing crime rate in the
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