Geoffrey Chaucer 's The Wife Of Baths

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Short Creative Essay Draft The Prologue to the Wife of Baths Tale is a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer 's that provides a satirical insight on the experience of Alice, the wife, and her response to autocratic judgement. The prologue takes a stance against the view of women and uses the life style of Alice as a way of dismantling stereotypical ideology of women. The very beginning of the poem Alice is stated to have five husbands. This is especially unconventional because of the time period of the poem. During this time, the Middle Ages, Women held little to no power in society. They were viewed solely as a way to get pleasure and raise a family. The Poem details on Alice’s life to project the idea that women can be different, wicked, manipulative and strong as men. In a satirical manner Chaucer shows that women can be strong if not stronger than some men. The poem has several unique factors that bring together the message of female empowerment. Chaucer uses The Structure, Theme, Tone, and other methods to successfully portray his message out to the reader. The poem was written in a way that is similar to an autobiography. The narrator of the poem is telling the story from a first person perspective, mostly speaking in a non-traditional manner. The tone of the poem sounds carefree as if the narrator was having a conversation with the reader. For example “I won 't be keeping myself chaste for long, for when one husband from this world is gone Some Christian

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