Geological Survey On Geologic Hazards

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At the conclusion of his letter dated December 7, 2015. Mr. Jonathan Lovekin, the Senior Engineering Geologist for the Colorado Geological Survey stated that the geologic hazards at this site are challenging and have not been fully evaluated or addressed at that time. However, he did conclude by saying “we agree that they can be mitigated to allow the proposed residential use and density.” In February, Rickie Davies, Senior Planner in the Engineering Department commented in an email to you that Eagle County Land Use Regulation Section 4-420.D.1 - Development in Areas Subject to Geologic Hazards states, "Review of development that is subject to the provisions of this Section 4-420, and shall require referral of the application to the…show more content…
The topographic model used in the rockfall analysis must incorporate any planned cuts at the building sites.” Subsequent to this comment, the applicant did request HP Kumar (HP Geotech) conduct a rockfall analysis of the current conditions of the property to determine possible issues for the lower three lots. (A copy of the report was provided to the County previously and it is attached to this letter for reference.) While the assessment cannot take into account final site conditions for lots 4 and 5, which will not be determined until there is a specific construction plan for each lot, it does show that reasonable mitigation is possible under the current conditions. HP Kumar/Golder Associates Findings: a. It is possible for rocks embedded in the slope to dislodge and begin rolling, but this is unlikely without significant disturbance of the ground surface. Boulders that are lying on the ground surface, such as those observed just below Cedar Drive, could be disturbed by various causes and begin rolling. Rockfall initiating from these areas was considered in our analysis as the most likely source. A detailed inventory of available source rocks was not conducted but we observed several rounded and sub-rounded basalt and sandstone boulders
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