Oxford Plastics Company Essay

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Oxford Plastics Company Case Analysis Oxford Plastics, the plant was located in a town near Beatty, about 45,000 people. They manufactured a variety of products, from lawn ornaments, patio furniture to automobiles. They employed about 3,000 workers. The company played an important part in the economy and the entire state, offering few well paying factory jobs. In 2004 the Plant manager Sam Henderson, announced major plans for an addition to the manufacturing plant. The new shop would include a state of the art color lab and paint shop that would enable better and faster matching of colors to customer requirements. The new shop would keep Oxford Plastics competitive in the fast paced global market for plastics. Once the new…show more content…
Not by describing the details of the destruction of the acreage but the worth that it will be after the fact. Making sure that the town and council understands that the land is not being uprooted for any demeaning nature but for growth and opportunity that the town of Beatty is in great need, and if this opportunity is not met in a quick manner, the fact of the matter is that there will not be a need for land preservation for tourism because the land itself will not have any tourist. The town of Beatty is really relying on the jobs that this addition is going to bring and the revenue that will be put back into the state is in great need. In the days to come, this is a great opportunity for the families and families that are to come. If we miss this opportunity now, there is no guarantee that another corporation will not come in and put something in that will not destroy the land and place something that will be even worse for the town of Beatty. This is guaranteed to be a safe and effective plan for the town, proven by the EPA to be safer than previous practices. Henderson would need to be concerning that the land is important and that is not what they want to do but to be rewarding for the state and the town of Beatty there is no other choice. References: Based on “Mammoth Motors’ New Paint Shop, “a role play originally prepared
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