Essay on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

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George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

G.B Shaw believed that people should not be limited by their birth,
environment or speech. With reference to Act 1 & Act five of
Pygmalion, show how Eliza finds her status affected by all of these

At the time George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion in 1912, many people
were troubled with accents that prevented them from reaching high & in
act 1, Eliza's character is an example of this.

In act 1, we see how Eliza was very limited by her environment, her
job, & her speech by the way that she was treated differently for who
she was.

The society at the time Pygmalion was written was very set & if you
were born into a lower class family, you were not seen as anything
better than that.
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He wanted to make people think whilst sitting
in the audience & wanted to put across what he thought were the bad
things going on in the world & the problems with the structured
society so it was a good idea for him to write certain characters that
treated people badly because they were less different to themselves.

Shaw also believed that everyone abused the English language &
pronounced words incorrectly. He tried very hard to change the
spelling system of the English language & so it was quite decided that
he should write one of the main characters as an expert of phonetics,
which was the study of the sound of language.

In act 1, Eliza thought that the way she came across was normal &
acceptable but to many people it wasn't. Part of Shaw's' plot of the
play was to make people realise that anyone can speak properly if they
took the time & effort to try & it can affect people in different
ways. Eliza is insulted by Higgins & feels threatened & intimidated by
him. 'You ought to be stuffed with nails you ought'. Eliza doesn't
feel that she has done anything wrong & is just getting on with her
life. In this act, people who are wealthier than her judge her because
of her birth & the fact she is lower class.

She compares Pickering to Higgins & sees Pickering as the way that
gentlemen should be with women. In the first act she likes Freddy &
tries to make herself look like a proper lady by ordering a taxi.…