George Washington Presidential Outline

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Presidential Outline #1 - George Washington

I. George Washington (1732-1799) II. George Washington (NONE) (Although he was most closely aligned with the Federalist Party in his beliefs) First term – (1788-1792) Second term – (1792-1796) III. Education and Occupation A. George Washington was tutored and attended school on an irregular basis from ages 7 to 15, but had no formal education beyond grammar school. B. In 1753, he joined the military as a major in the Virginia militia, then rose to the rank of Colonel and resigned in 1758 to run for the Virginia House of Burgesses, and served for
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As a result, large portions of Indian lands were ceded to the U.S. and they moved west.

J. Treaty of Greenville (1795) – Following the loss at the Battle of Fallen timbers, this treaty signed by Wayne and Native American leaders stopped the Northwest Indian War. Native Americans gave up some of their native lands (in modern day Ohio) in exchange for about $20,000 worth of goods.

K. Naturalization Act (1795) – Created a two step process that white immigrants had to go through to become citizens. They had to take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. and reject their former country and its rulers. This replaced the Naturalization Act of 1790, changing the period of required residence from two years to five years in the U. S. and it from one to two years in the state in which they planned to live.

L. Washington’s Farewell Address (1795) – Hamilton and Madison assisted Washington in writing this speech. He addressed the American people and warned against “foreign entanglements” and for the U.S. to stay united as a nation. He also included the kind of character that he thought the American people should possess.

VII. Major Foreign Policy Events:

A. Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality (1793) – Washington’s announcement that the United States would not take sides with either France or Great Britain in their ongoing conflict. This was somewhat controversial because of the assistance France provided to the United States during Revolutionary

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