George Washington's Farewell Address Analysis

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To help us maintain the efficiency of our government, George Washington gave our country words of advice in his Farewell address. His Farewell address was in 1796, on the eve of September 19. He mentioned that he would not be running in the next election and that his time as president was up. Washington, with the country’s welfare in mind, wanted the nation to obtain and maintain felicity. He had decided that he would give the future president and the people of the nation advice based on his experiences as president. His words of wisdom consists of telling us to stay united, follow the constitution, and to stay neutral. The nation’s unity is what holds America together as a country and is what gives this nation its infamous independence, safety, and happiness. For instance, if unity, the main pillar of the U.S., was taken away, everything would collapse, including the government. George Washington states, “The unity of a main pillar in the edifice of your real independance…”(pg. 2). The unity of the nation is what is holding up the country- the main pillar. Americas independence as a nation is built using the unity of the government. If America wanted to maintain unity, all three branches, and the people of the nation, would have to work together as one. As George Washington says in his farewell address, he cares for and wants to enhance our felicity as a people. To maintain a healthy welfare, the country must terminate and look out for all chances of

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