George Washington's Farewell Address

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George Washington’s “Farewell Address”

George Washington wrote a farewell speech in 1796, marking the retirement of his leadership of the United States of America. He published his goodbye, titled his “Farewell Address,” in many papers. The long, revised copy of his speech, originally intended to be read at the end of his first term, tells of how he wanted to retire four years previous, but how he had been begged to stay on. He states that he never considered himself to be worthy of leading the
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He also stressed the importance of paying the loaner back as soon as possible. 3 Religion and morality are incredibly important. Washington recognizes that the country would not be able to function properly without them. They are completely vital. It is silly to say that patriotism could ever be more important than religion and ethics. Leaders need to be respectful and ethical, and it is impossible to keep our morals as a country without religion. Without religion, you could never trust anyone who swears on an oath. Virtue is the core of the government. To not take George Washington’s advice and incorporate them into our actions would be foolish. The man served and fought for this country for years, and always had the best purpose in mind. He confessed that he probably made mistakes and decisions that weren’t the greatest, but swore that he always tried and had the best intentions. He gave a lot of heartfelt advice in his farewell address, and clearly gave his views on a unified nation and constitution. He also warned the country about political parties and debt, and talked about religion being the root of our government. George Washington was a respected, outstanding man, and was devoted to the upbringing of this nation. His farewell address is exceptional, and really
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