The Start of America with George Washington

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The United States has a very rich and eventful history dating from the first settlers to arrive at Jamestown to the present day. Within this time frame, many leaders have emerged to add their own personal achievements and successes to this rich history. One is particular is our first President George Washington. Washington is well known for his tenacious personality, his drive for freedom against Brittan, and finally is desire to keep newly liberated United States unified. Washington shows all of this in his Farewell Address once he stated that he would not run for a third term. In this address he advises the country to abandon a party system, beware of foreign alliances, and establish a country based on religion and morality. The major point that Washington heavily address is the eradication of political parties within the US. According to Washington political parties "agitate[s] the community with ill-founded and false alarms;" meaning that political parties cause a disruption within the community's cohesion. Political parties can cause a huge schism between groups of people. Since parties have a certain platform that expresses a groups moral, economical, and social views, it can be easy and often common place for those of opposing parties to be have tension. Washington knew that this would be the case when if political parties continued. Each party would have their own agenda meaning that they would focus on the parties interest and not truly advocate for the countries

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