Geothermal Energy in America Essay

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Sitting under the western half of the United States is a natural source of energy generated by the heat within the earth itself. When the energy crisis of the 1970’s took place, the government began funding programs to develop methods that would turn the heat produced from geothermal activity into a tangible source of power. The use of geothermal energy offers a safer alternative to nuclear power and lessens America’s dependence on foreign sources. As a renewable resource, geothermal energy would offer a stepping stone into lowering the impact Americans left on the environment but would also allow them to continue the use of the luxuries they had become so accustomed to having. The increase in prices to heat and cool homes using the …show more content…

The DOE creation of State Cooperative Programs lessened the financial burden placed on itself and the state while developing geothermal energy over the last three decades. The state Cooperative Programs connected private developers to resources on the local, state and federal level that produced positive growth in the industry. The addition of research done by universities opened more geothermal rich regions to exploration and development. Environmental regulations created the strongest barrier against for the development of geothermal energy. Regulations put into place later in development caused change to the design of buildings and regulations for disposal for waste material produced in the process. These challenges created by outside sources became a focus of the designers who had chosen to develop geothermal energy into a competitive player in the American energy community. The U.S. Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Program’s report, A History of Geothermal Energy Research and Development in the United States published in 2010 is a four volume series that covers the thirty year period between 1976 and 2006 of growth and development of geothermal energy in America. This report is as the primary source detailing what started the exploration, how it will be accessed, the engineering

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