Gergor Mendel's Incredible Understanding of the Principles of Heredity

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Gergor Mendel realised that he had incredibly found the basic understanding and principle of heredity. He came to three conclusion 1.
After this incredible breakthrough and discovery, he carried out a second experiment. Mendel wanted to observe whether several different traits could be hereditary together, whether traits will show in the offspring or not. He observed seven important traits that could be easily identified, these are known as the phenotypes. These traits or characteristics were 1. Colour of the flower Purple or white 2. Axil and terminal position of the flower 3. Short and long stem length 4. Smooth or wrinkle seeds 5. Yellow or green seeds 6. If the pods were inflated or constricted 7. Yellow or green pods.
In this
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By using maths and statistics, he was able to determine an average, for every three purple flowers one white flower will occur, a ratio of 3:1.
Gregor Mendel first wanted to achieve a pure breed of flowers, but also wanted to observe the outcome by crossing the white and purple flowers. For this, we have to understand the basic principle of how the pea plant fertilizes itself. The stamen is the male part of the plant. The stamen of the plant is drop pollen into the plant when the start to mature. The pollen falls upon the pistil, which is the female region of the plant. It then fertilizes the plant and becomes matured plant.
However to cross-fertilize the pea plants Gregor Mendel used a slightly different method whereby he opened an immature pea plant. Mendel then took out the stamen before they could become mature and drop pollen upon the pistil. Thereafter using the pollen, which he had taken out, he then dusted and brushed the pollen on to the pistil of another pea plant transferring them with the aid of a small brush. The cross-fertilizing of the two plants was named as the parental generation (P) as they were the first to be pollinated and fertilised.
He transferred and cross-fertilized pea plants, which only had white and purple flowers. He was very careful within his experiment and insured the controls were accurate and precise at all time. This can be found within his journal Versuche über PflanzenhybridenVerhandlungen he mentions
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