Gill's Psychodynamic Case Study

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Even Gill lets this negative stigma about Kevin having a psychological abnormality affect him. When Gill’s wife brings up that Kevin’s teacher asked if they had ever gotten a psychological evaluation done on Kevin, Gill starts to freak out. He tries to combat the negative stuff in his head about getting a psych evaluation by listing off all these great things about Kevin and then even shifts the blame by saying maybe his teacher is crazy or doesn’t know what she is talking about. He also tries to defend Kevin to himself by shifting the blame and saying that if anyone needs a psych evaluation it is Gary, his sisters kid, because he is the one with the real problems not Kevin. This is another example of how strong social labels can be. They can …show more content…

“A therapist meets with all members of a family, point out problem behaviors and interactions, and helps the whole family to change its ways, Here, the entire family is viewed as the unit under treatment, even if only one of the members receives a clinical diagnosis.” This would be where Kevin’s whole family would go in and the therapist would help the whole family fix the problems in how their family functions. I think for this treatment to be the most beneficial for Kevin it would have to include his immediate family and Gill’s parents. If Kevin’s immediate family and Gill’s parents went to therapy then I think they could really change some of their dysfunctional ways, like how Gill and his dad deal with their fighting by just redirecting the pressure onto Kevin causing Kevin to act out. Group therapy could really help Gill and his dad work out their problems in a different way than directing the pressure on to Kevin. The therapy could help change their family structure into a more functional and healthy family structure for everyone. If Gill and his dad found a better way in therapy to communicate and work things out then fighting it would take the pressure off of Kevin so that he wouldn’t have to be the problem anymore so they don’t have to deal with their own problems. This would eliminate a lot of Kevin’s freak out moments and would help not condition him to thinking that it is okay to react like that when he gets anxious. I also think that going to family therapy it could open up a better communication channel between Kevin and his family about what he is feeling and would give him a better opportunity to express himself in a better and more functional way then freaking out. I think that family therapy would significantly help not only Kevin but the whole family function in a more functional and healthy

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