Gingerbread: A Short Story Essay

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This is not appropriate. “I got you extra chocolate chips. Food n’ Stuff had a special.” Really, while the molestation of my ears is almost pleasing, you are not the person, and now is not the time. “ Oh thank you Elliot! Looks like some celebration chocolate chip cookies are in order. If you stick around you may get a taste.” “ I would love to Mrs. Lin but I got a game of soccer scheduled.” You give me no choice Private. Evasive maneuver squirm in effect. “ Then you better get outside, losing sunlight these days.” Finally Private loosens his inappropriately timed show of affection. Walking past Lieutenant Lin I press my tail to her leg to let her know I have recovered fully.

Once in the window room I make my way to the …show more content…

That feels good. “Who is my little baby Gingerbread huh? Who is my baby Gingerbread.” She cooed in my ear. That feels good. “Oh Gingerbread. Elliott will take good care of you while I’m gone.” Why are you stopping? You have permission to continue until I say stop. “Here I have to go finish cleaning the kitchen, everything is going to be okay.” Why are you leaving me? I will stay with the stuff for what feels like a very long time, two or three naps worth at least until Private suddenly picks me up. Why is he here? “I got Gingerbread Mrs. Lin, where is the carrier again?” Did he say carrier? “It’s in the closet behind some wrapping paper.” I can’t go in the carrier now. There is something wrong. “Okay Gingerbread I’m sorry about this.” Let go. Let go! Evasive maneuver squirm. “Come on play nice Gingerbread.” Private grips so tightly. Evasive maneuver squirm followed by a bite. “Ow Ginger stop that. In you go.” I have been defeated. I am going to the horrible animal smelling place.
I am going to hurt. “ Thank you Elliot you can let him out when you get back” Let me out now. “Okay Mrs. Lin, are you sure you don’t want me to come with you? My mom said I could.” How evil he sounds. I hate him. “I will be fine. I’m not having brain surgery or anything.” Lieutenant Lin replies too kindly. I was in the Carrier for a long time. I was uncomfortable. I had bad dreams. I wonder if

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