Girl Attends Byu As A Freshman Mechanical Engineering Student

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19 years ago, a beautiful baby girl was born to two BYU students. Today that girl attends BYU as a freshman Mechanical Engineering student. Brought up by a Elementary Education major and a Computer Science major, she developed a love of reading at a very young age. That love of reading led to expanded horizons and developed a love of learning in the girl. She nervously began school and suprisingly found that it was very easy for her. As she continued through school, she supplemented her learning with reading, and in fifth grade she entered her first accelerated program. From then on she was largely responsible for her own home work. She continued successfully through school, being recognized for her academic acheivement in all areas. In 9th grade she took her first of many AP classes. Through AP, Honors, and Concurrent Enrollment, she graduated in the Top 30 of her class with over 30 college credits. In addition to her acheivements in school, she also joined her school 's Color Guard and participated consistently in that. Her senior year she acted as Captain of her team, and led them to be First in the state in their division. Color Guard was also key in developing her social skills. Through guard, she learned to work well with other people and she developed life long friendships. After attending high school, she applied and was accepted to BYU bringing her life full circle. In her first semester here she has continued in her academic acheivement,
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