“Girl” & Barbie Doll

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In the past, women were always considered the subordinate gender that was expected to powder their nose and stay at home to be a homemaker. Even now, despite the movement to liberate women from stereotypical gender roles, women are still seen as the inferior gender that is discriminated against in society. As suggested by the popular Barbie doll created by Mattel, the idealized image of a woman in our patriarchal society is one who takes care of the home and is flawlessly beautiful with perfect skin, long legs, small waist, and slender figure. The Barbie doll is used as a tool for patriarchy in that it reinforces the notion that women should be domestic workers and maintain a feminine outer appearance. Also, patriarchal values affect girls …show more content…

The fact that this notion of femininity is so deeply rooted in our society, affects women in a negative way, pressuring them to attain an unrealistic body image and a feminine outer appearance. Ultimately, this notion that is associated with women leads them to feel inferior and weaker compared to men.
As young girls grow up surrounded by the perfect image of the Barbie doll, they begin not only to feel pressured to obtain an idealized body image, but also to believe that it is the norm for women to be domestic workers. The accessories sold with the Barbie doll illuminate the implication that women should be domestic workers. For example, the Kitchen Barbie doll comes fully equipped with pots, cooking utensils, apron, oven mitts, and baked goods. She comes packaged in a mini kitchen with an oven, refrigerator, and sink. As young girls play with this doll, they build a positive and fun association with working in the kitchen, and this encourages them to do the same in the future. In addition, the accessories sold with the Babysitter Barbie doll also suggest that women should be domestic workers. The accessories sold with this doll include a television set, DVD, stuffed animal doll, and Kelly. Barbie is responsible of taking care of Kelly, and this reinforces the notion that women should fulfill the domestic role of housewife and mother. As young girls grow up surrounded by these dolls, they

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