Girl Missing From Greenwich . 14 Years Old. Long Brown

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14 years old. Long brown hair, black glasses. Last seen at Greenwich Park School for Girls. Please contact 101 if you have any information that may help.

I taught her yesterday. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my work emails; ’RE: Martya Spikovna’. She went missing from the time I taught her to the end of the day. This day is like any other day, Jenny. Pull yourself together woman. I rushed out the door with my bike.

I cycled through Greenwich Park, yellow and orange leaves scattered the floor, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, yet the cool breeze gave me the shivers. For all the times I had been in this park, it seemed to relax me more than ever today. Thoughts of Martya came crashing …show more content…

“What’s happening?” I stood up from my chair. “Jenny, please sit down. One detective is on their way. You’ll probably need questioning.” I could feel my hairline getting wet, my cheeks were burning up. I took my jumper off and wiped my forehead. “No need to panic, it’ll just be a talk. You’ll need to give a statement, since you were the last person she saw, they’re going to want to know quite a bit. Would you like a coffee?” I nodded. “Two sugars please.” Ms Clarkson stood up and walked out of the office. “Shit.” I had two choices. I could either tell them everything or give as little as possible. I knew stuff about Martya, maybe too much. Half an hour later, I heard a knock at the office door. I took a deep breath in. And out. “Hello, Miss Reynolds,” he put a hand out, “I just want to ask you a few questions. Won’t take long. And, Ms Clarkson, I’ll have a tea please, black. No sugar.” DC Donalds face was wrinkly with considerably bigger wrinkles on his chin, but he had a fair bit of hair on his head for his age. I’d say he was about fifty five. He looked intimidating and my eyes couldn’t avert from his massive wart growing on the side of his face. He was wearing a grey suit, which looked slightly too small for him. “I would just like to get a statement from you, if you’re happy with that?” DC Donalds took a sip from his tea. “If you would just come to the station with me. We’ll go from there.” “Sure, ok. How long will we be? I

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