Glg 101 Week 1

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What did I enjoy most about the readings this week? –

This week’s reading has was quite interesting. What I enjoyed most are the different type of propositional knowledge. These propositional knowledge includes; logical, where knowledge result from the understanding of the relationship of ideas to one another, semantic, where knowledge result from learning the meaning of words, systemic, there is knowledge of mathematics and geometry, which is the result of learning a system of words, or symbol and how they relate to one another and the rule of operating in that system and then any claims made that are consistent with those definitions and rule is called knowledge, and empirical, where knowledge there is a knowledge that comes through sense.
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Another surprised I encountered was where I learned why knowledge is justified true belief.

What questions emerged?

After going through all the reading material, I kept asking myself do what I claimed to know really a true knowledge or it is just a belief? Are my superiors knowledgeable than me?

How is the course text going? What parts are most/least interesting to me?

The course text is progressing on the right track and we are fast approaching the end.

The most interesting part of this week’s text is the correspondence theory which is all about claims. We are brought up to believe and accept things that we never even thought of finding out if it’s really true.

The least interesting part is the logical empiricism which state that the truth of a proposition rests on how well it is verified.

How helpful is the instructor being? How could the instructor be more helpful?

To a point, I think the instructor is helpful as he is the one initiating the discussion or posting questions that students have to follow to better effect their discussion.

I think the instructor should be more engaging. His present in the discussion forum will keep students more
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