Glg 101 Week 2 Study And Thinking Skills

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In my opinion, I need help with all the writing principles; but if I had to choose three I would pick, control paragraph length, avoid redundancy, and use active voice. I will start with control paragraph length; I do seem to put more than one topic in my paragraphs (Cardon, 2013). I understand that readers who read my work could miss the idea I am trying to get through to them. Next, I need to avoid redundancy. I tend to repeat myself in paragraphs. I need to make my sentences shorter (Jamieson, 2010). It seems that I need to take words from my writing. For example, instead of saying she is the person who did something, I should only say she. I understand some phrases should not change. For example, “new beginning, never before, or joined together” (Jamieson, 2010). By “using active voice in” my writing means people would be able to understand what I am talking about quicker (Cardon, 2013). For example, I need to make it clear in my sentences to who is doing what (Hale, n.d.). For example, the homework is done; it should be I got my homework done. Another example, the ball was thrown; it should be he threw the ball (Hale, n.d.).…show more content…
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