Global Climate Change, Sustainable Development

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The Global Environmental Movement is one of the many (NGO’s) addressing international issues, mostly in developing countries, gathering and analyze technical information. Environmental issues have become a significant problem over the years, which raised concerns at the global and international levels, which provoke movements for environmental protection at the international level. From the early 1960s forward, concern about the global scopes of environmental harm and the movement for international environmental protection grew significantly. The first issues such as oil spills, nuclear testing, and overfishing was the areas targeted for ratification by the United Nations, concerning the environmental protection of Antarctica. Increasing concerns over loss species and poorer nations in the lack of resources lead to these three major issues, biodiversity, global climate change, and sustainable development in which the paper will discuss. Keywords: biodiversity, global climate change, sustainable development International Environmental Movements
The environment has no replacement, and therefore, it is the role of the earth’s inhabitant to ensure it is handled correctly. International Environment Movements have stepped in to aid in the fight of saving the environment for the future generation. The key concerns identified by International…
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