Global Climate Change Triggered By Global Warming

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The article, Global Climate Change Triggered by Global Warming by Stuart D. Jordan, seeks to provide evidence that global climate change caused by global warming is currently in affect and requires immediate attention and action. Jordan claims that the Earth’s climate has been undergoing significant and alarming changes for the past thirty years. He provided evidence based on observations, theoretical models, and calculations made by other researchers.
The article addressed the increase in temperature over the years and claimed 2005 to be the warmest year in the last century. There is much fear, as temperature continues to increase, that possible ice reduction and melted ice sheets and glaciers in the Artic, Antarctica, and Greenland may occur and cause a rise in sea levels. If the Antarctic ice sheet melts, the sea level is calculated to rise two hundred feet, while if the ice sheet in Greenland melts, the sea level is calculated to rise seven meters, approximately twenty feet. The rise in sea level is affecting coastal areas. Many coastal areas are expected to sooner or later be flooded or below sea level. This can have terrible consequences for high populated coastal areas. Another problem that global warming may have on the world’s oceans is the possible change in the “global oceanic conveyor belt”. The conveyor belt controls the ocean’s currents which has impact on regional climate change. However, scientists have yet to agree on whether or not reduction of flow has

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