Global Green USA: Right Strategy And Culture

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Throughout the world people are always talking about global warming and how the world has become so polluted. People often want to do something about it, they just don’t know what. That’s where Global Green USA comes into play. Global Green USA is a national environmental organization. The mission of Global Green USA is to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. In order to do this the organization must understand if they have the right strategy and culture to perform as a highly innovative organization, potential conflicts within stakeholders, and positive impacts they can have on the natural environment.
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People have seen what Global Green can do and want to translate that into their own personal homes. Finally, if New Orleans was rebuilt according to the green standards, residents would save $38 to $56 million in energy bills every year. This would also eliminate over a half million total tons of carbon dioxide; the equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road. To put in the simplest terms, Global Green USA is doing many things that are creating a positive impact on the natural environment.
With just a glimpse of the evidence provided above I would say it is very safe to say that Global Green USA has the right strategy and culture to perform as a highly innovative organization. When it comes to the culture it is clear they are in the right place doing the right thing. For example, when Hurricane Katrina struck the people of New Orleans were devastated. They lost cars, homes, and even loved ones. While you cannot replace some of those items Global Green stepped in and attempted to return the safety net of a house that was secure to their family and them. They drew support not only from the people’s houses they built back up, but people from all across the country and nation. They opened the eyes of many people and showed them what they can do for a community/culture. Switching gears, Global Greens main reason for being

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