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Global Industry Project: Technology Sector Since the “Dot-com Boom” of the 1990s placed more emphasis and value on technology due to the exponential growth in the sector, making people rich quickly, and raising the Nasdaq Index by nearly 400%, technology has become more integrated into the American and global culture. In recent history, many technological advances have taken place from those that enable people to communicate with others using systems embedded with language translation software to “smart” toilets that are controlled with apps to heat the seats, lift the lids automatically, built-in bidets, and come with the ability to be synced to play music. Unfortunately, with the rise in accessibility to citizens through the usage of …show more content…

Also, with consumer confidence in the economy rising and the economy stabilizing, this number has the potential to increase with the larger manufacturers and suppliers continually pushing to release the latest advances to be obtained by the masses. The reason technological sales are so high is the companies have great marketing that makes everyone feel left out if they do not have the latest gadgets and the interwoven connection between our everyday lives and technology. Depending upon the person, an individual will spend upwards of eleven hours per day on some form of technology and that number is greater for teenagers. One of the more interesting figures that can be used to describe the effectiveness of a well-planned integration process for technology and the American people is the creation of new jobs. In monthly employment reports released by Obama-Biden Administration, an estimated 20% of all jobs (based in an office environment) generated in the United States over the past five years were in the field of technology. To put these figures into numerical terms, America currently has about 5 million jobs that are vacant and over half a million of those job openings are in information technology fields like software development, network administration, and cybersecurity. (Office of the Press Secretary, 2015) Another significant fact regarding the creation of jobs in the technology sector and the industry as whole is the fact

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