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Global Labour Regulation – Independent Study Project


A Research Report.
A study of migration in EU countries.

Module Leader: Dr. Steve French
Student No.: 13023330
Submission Date: Friday, 08th May 2015
Word Count: 4,000 words
This research report will be focusing mainly on the study of migration in the European Union (EU) countries. The study of migration will look specifically in two selected countries, which are Romania, and Bulgaria. This paper will first describe about the nature and definition of globalisation and address the issues it raises. So, the main theme of this report, migration, will be discussed in relation to the definition of different types of labour migration and migration within the EU. The report goes on to discuss the recent migration ban being lifted for both Romanian and Bulgarian migrants into the UK. Additionally, the report also discusses the impact of migration on these two countries before and after the EU enlargement in 2007 and also the recent 2014 restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian workers in the UK being lifted. Lastly, the report will conclude with the findings and summary of the topics discussed which are Globalisation and Migration.

Globalisation has become has become one of the most used, misused and confused terms around today. Dicken (2015) wrote that it is important to distinguish the term globalisation between two broad meanings. When globalisation is explained as empirical, it means the actual

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