Things Fall Apart

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When I read Things Fall Apart, I had a clear mind of what a life could be like Okonkwo’s. For the rest of the reading, a question was contacting me in different places of the novel. Okonkwo was an angry man in front of his Nigerian tribe and changed when Christian missionaries came to the Ibo village; also, I responded to the book, and my personal applications to a different culture were related to a missionary trip that was a powerful one back in 1956 in Ecuador. As I kept on reading, there was a strong connection between the novel and the Operation Auca missionary trip in Ecuador in 1956. The life of a native like Oknokwo’s and his tribe are rough and can be a problem with the more civilized people in a country. God needed some of …show more content…

Kiaga. ‘You fear that you will die. Why should that be? How are you different from other men who shave their hair? The same God created you and them. But they have cast you out like lepers. It is against the will of God, who has promised everlasting life to all who believe in His holy name. The heathen say you will die if you do this or that, and you are afraid” (pg. 157). As the missionaries grew close with the clan members, the more people began to adapt Christian faith, despite of some aggression. The third location is on pages 160 to 161 where the Christian missionaries were part of killing the sacred python and Okoli killing it. “ ‘They say that Okoli killed the sacred python,’ said one man. ‘It is false,’ said another. ‘Okoli told me himself that it was false.’ Okoli was not there to answer. He had fallen ill on the previous night. Before the day was over he was dead. His death showed that the gods [native Nigerian gods] were still able to fight their own battles. The clan saw no reason then for molesting the Christians” (pgs. 160-161). The final location is on page 190 where some people did not appreciate the Gospel and the missionaries’ words. “ ‘You can stay with us if you like our ways. You can worship your own god. It is good that a man should worship the gods and the spirits of his fathers. Go back to your house so that you may not be hurt. Our anger is great but we have held it down so that we can talk to you’ “ (pg.

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