Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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There’s no argument about it now, global warming exists and is a problem. More and more people are becoming concerned with greenhouse gases’ effects on the environment as well as humans’ effects on the environment through our carbon footprint. Many activities humans participate in help add to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increase the size and the effect of the carbon footprint humanity is leaving behind. The carbon footprint is the amount of carbon the humans create as waste through many processes such as the burning of fossil fuels and more. Recycling is one of the first ideas used to combat pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. However, many people still argue recycling’s effectiveness and whether the processes are helping and if the processes are worth the money. Recycling helps reduce the carbon footprint by reusing multiple types of materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as creating alternative sources of energy. Recycling’s main idea is to reuse materials from past products that were already created and are no longer used or just the simple reuse of a product the way it is. The recycling of old materials reduces the need to create or harvest raw materials in which both of those processes release large amounts of greenhouse gases. Most people know of recycling paper and plastic, but many more types of materials can be reused like metals and textiles. B. Zamani, M. Svanström, G. Peters, and T. Rydberg (2015) state that “the reuse of

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