Global Warming As Defined By The Us Epa

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Global warming as defined by the US EPA (2016) is “the recent and ongoing rise in global average temperatures near the Earth’s surface.” This phenomenon is part of a long ongoing process where the surface of the Earth naturally heats up and cools down due to variations in its orbit. Additional change occurs with the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere due to natural cause such as volcanic eruptions (Global Warming 2010). Throughout Earth’s history it has naturally become warmer and colder by itself. Because of this, many individuals are led to believe that the recent shift into warmer temperatures is normal and nothing to worry about. Furthermore, a general lack of understand about the causes and history behind global warming results in a significant proportion of the World’s population disregarding the threat that dramatic climate change poses (Balukjian 2014). Several scientific studies in a macro-level analysis contradict the claims that carbon dioxide levels are unrelated to climate change. Natural changes of the Earth’s surface cannot explain the extremely rapid increasing temperatures that occurred after industrial revolution and development of industrial societies. Carbon dioxide, the byproduct from the burning of fossil fuels, is a greenhouse gas that when released into the atmosphere causes it to become more dense, trapping heat on Earth. Currently, carbon dioxide levels are at around 400 ppm, over forty percent higher than any records in the past…
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