Global Warming Is A Real Issue That We Need To Start Taking

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Global warming is a real issue that we need to start taking seriously. Our ancestors did an excellent job at maintaining the earth for us to come and enjoy but what are we doing? Are we preserving the earth for our future generation to come? First, let me give you a brief definition of global warming. According to, global warming is an average increase in the climate that contributes to changes in our global climate patterns. This is evident in the way our weather pattern has been. As we can see, each year the climate begins to change significantly. For the past few years, we have been experiencing abnormal temperatures especially in the winter season, the rate at which it snows has decreased in our area, hurricane and…show more content…
Next, we will discuss what causes global warming and how humans are the greatest contributing factors to this matter. It is always good to know what the cause of a problem is so we can attack it at its source. Must I announce to you that humans are the primary benefactor to the cause of global warming. According to the cause of global warming is the increasing quality of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere produced by human activities, including deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, and many more. The greenhouse effect has a natural balance of gases that is needed to trap heat here on earth so that It does not get too cold and can sustain life, but with the addition of increased human activities there is an abnormal level of gas that begin to accumulate in the air and begins to get trapped. In addition, according to the industrial activates that our modern industries depend upon has raised atmosphere carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the past 150 years. According to, some of the ways we increase global warming is by driving a car; the engine burns fuel which creates a certain amount of carbon dioxide. When we heat, our house using oil, gas or coal they generate carbon dioxide. If we heat our home using electricity, the generation of the electrical power may also emit carbon dioxide. The
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