Global Warming Is Caused By Human Beings

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Global Warming Global warming appears to be caused by human beings. There is too much CO2 in the atmosphere for plants and trees to take in all of it. There is strong evidence that humans are to blame, not just due to cars and factories but also from agriculture. A majority of scientists and scientific organizations believe humans are causing global warming. Global Warming is controversial. It is a perplexing phenomenon. Some people think it is a normal occurrence, others are afraid of the consequences and some say it is a myth1. However, sudden climate change start to be adversity. When we look at natural disasters that are not expected to occur, we have to ask what 's happen to this world. When we see differing opinions of scientists and governments about it, it 's can be confusing. “The potential threats are serious and actions are required to mitigate climate change risks and to adapt to deleterious climate change impacts that probably cannot be avoided.” (ACS, 2010). Also there are many organizations which support this phenomenon and have evidence for that like IPCC, NASA, etc. But the real argument is who caused global warming? There are two possibilities: either humans or it occurs naturally. There is evidence suggesting that the Earth 's natural cycles include periods of global warming, but there is also evidence to suggesting that humans have contributed enough CO2 to the environment to cause global warming. Global warming is the warming made by
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