The Issue Of Global Warming

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The Issue of Global Warming
Even though some people believe that there is no such thing as global warming, there has been significant evidence that the Earth is warming. Most scientists believe that the main cause of global warming is human influence. The burning of fossil fuels and the use of fertilizers are the main contributors to the heating of the Earth. Many problems occur as a result of the climate changing. As the climate changes, some animals may become extinct, there is a rise in sea levels, and there are stronger storms. There are many ways to counteract the problems of global warming. Laws have been created to help lessen the impacts of global warming on the environment. There are also many steps that individuals can …show more content…

Water vapor and carbon dioxide are the greenhouse gases that cause the quickest warming of the Earth.
In addition to the burning of fossil fuels, the use of fertilizers also contributes to global warming. Farmers try to have more plentiful yields of their crops. To do this, they use more nitrogen-based fertilizers . “Soil microbes have long been known to convert nitrogen-rich crop fertilizers, including manure and synthetic fertilizers, into nitrous oxide” (Mole). With the rapid increase in agricultural techniques, the nitrous oxide release is causing the Earth’s surface to warm faster.
One of the main problems occurring is climate change. Climate change encompasses changes in ocean currents, precipitation patterns, and winds (Selin). When the climate changes, many other problems occur. The whole ecosystem can change with an increase in temperature. The ecosystem changing can cause some animals to no longer be able to live in their natural habitat. This can lead to problems such as extinction and overcrowding in other habitats. Based on the graph above, there is evidence that there has been an increase in global temperatures throughout the past few years.
Animal extinction is another example of a direct result of global warming. An animal’s habitat can become unsuitable for them to live in if the conditions change drastically. With the temperature rising, some species of plants will no longer be able to

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