Global Warming Is An International Disaster

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Global warming is an international disaster. Its effects and control have dominated virtually all facets of modern human life. It is not uncommon to find even groceries listing themselves as being “eco-friendly” in a bid to attract the environmentally conscious customer. The effects of global warming are not just about blowing hot air in the pursuit of delivering chilling information. This phenomenon has devastating consequences for all, regardless of geographical location. One of the most commonly known effects is the heating up of the atmosphere. Scientists have shown that there is a direct correlation between the increase in carbon dioxide levels and an increase in the temperature of the earth. As a result, warmest years since 1992 have been experienced in recent years according to the IPCC report (2007). Global warming has various devastating effects on life sources such as plants, animals, food sources and climate change. Greenhouse gases are considered air pollutants by the law. The Supreme Court decided that greenhouse gases meet the definition of air pollutants in the Court’s decision in Massachusetts v. EPA (2007). Greenhouse gases were considered air pollutants because they endanger public health and welfare. After the ruling, EPA adopted greenhouse gas emission standards for new cars and light-duty vehicles in April 2010, and the agency has a legal obligation to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act (EPA 12). The Greenhouse Gas Reporting
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