Global Warming On Water Resources

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This paper presents scientific briefing about “Conservation of Water Resource in Republic of Tajikistan to the Committee of Environmental Protection under the Government of Tajikistan. This paper will explore country’s profile on water resources. Moreover, it will discuss impacts of Global Warming on water resources in Tajikistan, and present possible solution for water resources management.
Overview: Tajikistan is one of the world’s vulnerable regions to climate change, specifically to the effects of increase in temperature, change in rainfall patterns, and increase in dryness [1]. Given the country’s high sensitivity to the climate change, there is a higher need for implementing policies and strategies in order to conserve water resources.
The country is one of the most freshwater- rich countries in the world, where the water is a vital resource, and important economic asset both in regional and national settings. The country is also very rich in natural resources such as water, coal, oil, gas, mercury, gold, silver, salt, limestone, marble and clay [6]. Moreover, Tajikistan is wealthy in biodiversity, which consist of around 23,000 species of flora and fauna, of which are about 1900 are endemic [6 . Additionally, Tajikistan is famous for its medicinal, thermal and mineral water resources, however only 30% are used.
Water Resources: Tajikistan has 1000 rivers with length exceeding 10 km. The country has a significant number reserves of groundwater, which are all found

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