Globalisation and the Film Industry

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Introduction Globalisation has significantly changed trends and patterns in the global film industry, at an estimated worth of $60 million annually film industry has become one of the most important in the creative businesses (Rosnan, H, Ismail, N.M., & Daud. N.M., 2010). This research paper will cover the topic of the American film industry, globalisation and how globalisation has impacted on the change of the American film industry. I will also continue on to how the American film industry and its producers can integrate successfully internationally. American Film Industry America has the oldest film industry, and also the largest in revenue. It has had a profound effect on cinema across the world since the early 20th century.…show more content…
is growing outside of the USA. This kind of growth includes the large countries that previously specialised in film production. For countries such as China and India, the annual release of films has grown progressively for the past decade, followed by a forced growing purchase power and investments in cinemas (Lorenzen, M. 2008). The American film industry must, in a way, watch its back. Especially when the amount of small film countries, such as Denmark and Switzerland, has grown. The smaller countries have attracted attention by not only up-scaling their production, but also winning market shares from Hollywood. Other new filmmaking countries are also on the rise, with Korea, Mexico etc. joining the market, who bring cheaper production technologies to their advantage (Lorenzen, M. 2008). The American film industry needs to step up its ‘game’ if it wants to succeed as an international player. Create new genres, TV series, increase publicity and advertising to gain back its international viewers. The American film industry should search for new and upcoming talented producers who can bring a whole new meaning to the global organisation. It has to reach out to all Globalization of consumption The rise of global consumer tastes and global consumption is on the rise. Global mass markets are expanding along side film producers can also reach audiences in distinct market segments
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