Globalization And Globalization

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Assignement 3 The evolving nature of civilizations has led us down a path of expansion and globalization. In nature, we are at a state that our natural resources are being sought after day in day out without having a way to properly replenish as quickly as we are using materials. At the current rate that we currently are we will expand of all forest at a cyclic rate because we are not doing enough to preserve some of the needed cycles of nature. With this it brings a bigger social responsibility to help expand how to regulate some of the companies that are seeking to establish monopolies without being found guilty. However, with great wealth there is a great responsibility of replenishing or at least establishing certain mantras to obey by. These mantras can sometimes be seen as laws or regulations but there are always ways to go around these and it is up to multiple nations to come together to establish some sort of order by setting corporate social responsibilities and sustainability’s to those corporations that are either taking advantage of or going around certain rules.
There was a point when we would see organizations show that they meant their environmentalist mindsets, but it is becoming something of the future or standard to set a façade and make it seem like there is actual progress in the means of worrying about the environment. With the globalization efforts of some companies there has been a way to communicate a lot easier with the means of technology but with

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