Globalization And Globalization

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Globalization could be defined as “the interaction of people, states, or countries through the growth of the international flow of money, ideas, and culture.”. The effect globalization has on history is enormous. Without the migration aspect of globalization there would be no culture mix, no economics since no one would be trading, or no politics without the migration of cultures or opinions. Globalization is the basis of why we have history.
In particular, the spread of yoga is a great example of migration. Krishnamacharya had started practicing yoga in Mysore. His yoga that he taught was a combination of different types of yoga from different teachers. Without migration, yoga wouldn’t have spread from the traditional techniques to Krishnamacharya’s techniques. According to Singleton, he transformed yoga into a ““physical culture” or “exercise”” instead of it being a religious activity (180). From there, he spread yoga throughout the world. By teaching his students his techniques, they were able to spread it to others and get others involved. Without the migration of yoga, the United States and other countries wouldn’t be able to enjoy yoga and all that it has to offer.
Comparatively, the Roman Games are another great instance in which the spread of ideas has furthered other parts of the world. The gladiatorial shows were a “sport” for the Romans. They consisted of gladiators being paired against one another to fight until one of them “won,” “spared,” or “died,” (Fagan,

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