Globalization And Westernization

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The rise of the western world and capitalism has given shape to the worlds’ economy, politics, and culture, forever changing the way of human society. Business became an integral part of society, providing goods and services to those who could otherwise not be able to obtain them. Businesses interests over the years has spurred innovation and progress. But it would be irresponsible to believe that all business is good. Over the course of history there have been myriad examples of corporations manipulating and exploiting unsuspecting consumers for monetary gain.
The world has become increasingly connected and informationally literate at an unprecedented rate through the advent of the internet, subsequently, accelerating globalization and …show more content…

The rise of globalization and subsequent rise of multinational companies have been by many, misinterpreted as the decline and resulting downfall of American world dominance. Fareed Zakaria’s, editor of Newsweek International, excerpt “The Rise of the Rest,” and two sections of his second chapter, “The rise of Nationalism” and “The Last Superpower,” which come from his book The Post-American World (2008); seeks to dispel the notion that globalization insinuates the decline of America. He explains that the world as a whole is experiencing economic growth at a relatively higher rate that the U.S, all the other countries besides the U.S are in terms of power and confidence growing as well. furthermore, he clarifies that America is still economically growing and will maintain in its position as the most powerful country for the foreseeable future. He attributes the rise of new multinational-billion-dollar companies to the opening of markets and westernization of countries that were once opposed to do so. For example, China was once reluctant to cooperate with the western world and now after they’ve opened their markets they’ve seen many billionaires and multinational companies come to fruition. Corporations have always been notorious for questionable for their ethics or lack thereof. Wal-Mart has been a longstanding the poster child for unethical corporation antics. Josh Dicker, freelance writer, author of the book The United States of Wal-Mart (2005), takes a

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