Globalization Chapter Summary

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Globalization has recently become one of the words which define our aera. So what does globalization mean? When writing this book the author M. Steger must have come across many challenges associated with writing. The term globalization describes a number of accelerating economic, cultural, political, and historical and many other processes which are dramatically quickly changing our society. Many writers who are trying the explain globalization focus mostly of one aspect of the term. However, globalization is a set of interconnected social processes and the author Steger has realized it. Therefore he explains many aspects in order to keep his readers constantly aware of the cooperation between the individual processes which are responsible for globalization as a concept.
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It is said that globalization is a new phenomenon. However, Steger does not agree with this statement. He claims that “whether globalization constitutes a new phenomenon depends upon how far we are willing to extend the chain of causation that resulted in those recent technologies and social arrangements that most people have come to associate with fashionable buzzword.” (Steger p.18) he gives us examples of how cultural exchanges can be traced back to the prehistoric period. It began when prehistoric tribes settled, created villages and were able to defeat or unified wandering tribes. It continued within the premodern period and inventions such as a wheel which improved transportation of people and goods and allowed better trade. Later with the early modern period with the rise of the European centres, merchants, material accumulation and foundation of so called capitalism. The modern period saw the Industrial Revolution and improvements in technology. Consequently, there is the contemporary period and its worldwide interdependencies including economic, political or ICT

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